Company Profile

First Ascent is a free climbing term.The meaning is to climb the course nobody has climbed for the first time.It is our identity to create things that nobody has made.Now, we create new baby tech products.

Company Name
First Ascent inc.
Sagami building 2F 7-13-6, Ginza,
Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, 104-0061, Japan.
Tomoyuki Hattori
Date of Establishment
Oct. 23, 2012
Awards History
X-tech Innovation 2018
Grand Prize
BabyTech Award Japan 2019
Baby Health & Safety Grand Prize
CES®2021 Innovation Awards Honorees

Description of Business

  • 自社アプリ事業
    Our Products
    We are developing our own services.
    The app helps mom,dad and baby.
    We also help with nursery.
  • システム開発およびコンサルティング事業について
    Open Innovation
    We use our experience in the parenting market and we are running with large companies by open innovation.
  • IoT(Internet of Things)事業開発およびコンサルティング事業について
    IoT Project
    We can do research and development by sensing baby by sensor.
  • 機械学習などによるデータ解析事業について
    Machine Learning
    We are professionals in data analysis.
    For example, "prediction using deep learning" "medical data analysis”.

Past Projects

  • 自社アプリ事業「パパっと育児@赤ちゃん手帳」
    Our Product
    「Papatto ikuji」

      BabyTech Award Japan 2019
    This app supports your parenting. The main target age is 0 to 6 years.

    • Easy recording and visualization.
    • Analyze the baby's crying.
    • Share records with family.
    • Analyze the baby’s life cycle and advice something.
    • One of the most popular childcare apps in Japan.
  • 自社アプリ事業「CryAnalyzer」
    Our Product

    Analyze the baby’s crying.
    You can easily understand a baby's request.

    • We develop the cry analysis model from 20,000 monitor users data.
    • Accuracy is over 80% (According to the feedback of the monitor user ).
  • 「ainenne」
    Our Product

    CES®2021 Innovation Awards Honorees
    The ainenne is the first bed lamp type sleep trainer to help your baby sleep in the world.

    • An LED light like the morning sun helps your baby to a pleasant awakening.
    • Gives recommendations on best time for wake up.
    • Analyze your baby's crying pattern.

Representative Director

Tomoyuki Hattori

In 1998, Joined Toshiba Corporation as a researcher
In 2001, Joined some IT Venture Company
In 2005, CTO of Entermotion inc.
In 2011, Co-Found of tattva inc.
In 2012, Established "First Ascent"

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